Content Management

Because you shouldn't have to pay someone correct a typo

We use a content management system wherever possible. This means you will have access to update and add to the site yourself and we will show you how.

What's a CMS?

It's a prebuilt web-package, already set up to contain organised content pages and images. The package has an interface, which may be a bit like WORD, where you can learn to update content and add documents, links, images and pages yourself.

In simple sites, just a few odds and edds will need to be made by a developer. All you need is a design and template or theme built, plus any cutstomised functions. 

In more complex sites, tailor made coding is involved.

We teach you how to use your site

For every site that we build, we run a training session to teach you how to add to or modify content and images yourself, including how to link to pages and upload documents. The training also includes tips to make your content Google friendly.

Moreover you will be given a written step-by-step guide custom written for your site and we provide a month's free support in case you need any hand-holding.

We prefer

  • Joomla
  • Wordpress
  • Magento
  • Presta Shop

but can work with any php based software.

We prefer open source software because

  • it's easy for you to find online resources
  • you are not locked in to us - other developers can help you with your site ( we do recommend that you select reputable developers)
  • it's feature rich & constantly being developed
  • it follows standards so can be upgraded to another ( php/mysql) platform