Speed tip for placing modules in J1.5

Generally to select the look and feel of a page with regard to module placement, you create a menu item and then assign various modules to that menu item.... But say you have several articles that will have the identical modules placement.

Well, if all the articles are in the same category or section (and all articles in that category or section are in want of the same module placement), you can create a menu link to that category or section & draw any links to your articles from the links gauged from that menu list.

Essentially what you are doing here is using the same (menu) itemid for each article in the category or section and thus only have to go through assigning modules once (for the group).

In Joomla-speak – viewing a certain article via a certain menu link (and thus seeing modules assigned to that menu link/item) is the same as adding &Itemid=X to the end of your native url. Hence, when you create a page and want it viewed a certain way – you can simple add &Itemid=X to the end of it (and then point to this url, when you call up the page). Where X = the number of the menu itemid that has the modules assigned & published in the way you wish to use for this page.