Web Development

At J!BT, we often work with open source solutions, but we rarely stop there. We spend time listening and planning to tailor the solutions to achieve your goals.

The Web Development Process

We listen - We start with a chat.

Then we meet (online or in person) and chat some more. We need to talk to learn about your business and your needs and we need to see whether you are a good fit for J!BT and vice versa.

We speak - We have a lot to say

You may or may not know what you want and what you need. In either case, we will offer suggestions and help you nut out your needs and best options. At J!BT we look at the whole business from an online marketing perspective - we want your site to work and achieve specific goals. We think about what might work and what might not. If we see a problem with your plan or your idea - we will tell you.

We map out the solution

We create a visual diagram mapping out how your site will work from a functional viewpoint. Then we look at the details.

We build your website

At J!BT we specialise in finding straightforward working solutions to meet complex needs. We've made it look easy with magento, joomla, wordpress, reservation systems, job boards, subscriptions, events systems, radio stations, real estate websites, live stock exchange feeds, groupon sites, and so much more . We LOVE to creatively code - so if we haven't done it, we want to do it!

Most of our programmers are based in Sydney and all our work has a 30-day bug-fix guarantee.

Sites by J!BT simply work.